Session „Set in Stone“, International Medieval Congress, Leeds



The International Medieval Congress (IMC) is organised and administered by the Institute for Medieval Studies (IMS). Since its start in 1994, the Congress has established itself as an annual event with an attendance of over 1,500 medievalists from all over the world. It is the largest conference of its kind in Europe.

Drawing medievalists from over 40 countries, with over 1,000 individual papers and 375 academic sessions and a wide range of concerts, performances, readings, round tables, excursions, bookfair and associated events, the Leeds International Medieval Congress is Europe’s largest annual gathering in the humanities. This summer’s International Medieval Congress will take place from 12-15 July 2010 („Set in Stone“: 14.07.2010, 09:00-10:30).

Session 1009, „Set in Stone“

This session shall explore how in a paper-short world, stone was the medium of choice for various methods of communication, expression, and representation. The durability of this medium has ensured that countless examples – from elaborate buildings and sculpture to simple graffiti carvings etched into the walls of churches – exist as valuable source material that can be used in order to shed new light upon how people thought and expressed themselves across the medieval world.

The Writings on the Wall: Scratching the Surface of Late Medieval Graffiti
(Language: English)
Rebecca Williams, School of History, University of Liverpool
Paper 1009-a

Ciphers on Walls: Are These Apotropaic Symbols?
(Language: English)
Jenny Alexander, Department of Art History, University of Warwick
Paper 1009-b

Ethnic Identities in Viking-Age Stone Sculpture: A GIS Approach
(Language: English)
William Cook, Department of History, Lancaster University
Paper 1009-c

Sponsor: University of Liverpool

Organiser: Rebecca Williams, School of History, University of Liverpool

Moderator/Chair: Brigitte Resl, School of History, University of Liverpool